The first area you are able to re-explore.


Boss: Sergeant Skratch


  • Bow (in first chest)
  • 100 coins (in first crate)
  • Rusty Helm (in skeleton)
  • Health potion (in patch of sunlight)


You: This cave is crawling with terrible creatures! Where could
they all be coming from!
You: I have to find Aron!

You: If I had some kind of rope, I could get up this slope.

Skratch: What are you doing here?
You: I've come for my brother. Where have you taken him?
Skratch: The only way to your brother is through me, little mouse...
Let's see if you do any better than he did!

Lucia: Hey, is that Aron’s sword?
You: Yes, he’s my brother. Do you know him?
Lucia: I’m an old friend. Actually, I’m on my way to see him now.
You: Well you’re too late. A rat-creature said it captured him and
now he’s gone!!
Lucia: A rat-creature! You mean the Muren have returned?
You: Uh...
Lucia: This is worse than I thought. If the Muren are back it means
he’s in trouble --we all are!
You: Of course he’s in trouble --they captured him!
Lucia: Aron wasn’t captured. He’s gone after them! I need to stop
You: Wait, where are you going?
Lucia: To the jungle-- the Tomb of Moqulan. That’s where Aron will
be going. I only hope I’m not too late.

You: If Aron’s in trouble, I have to follow her.


Ratter: Defeat 5 rats

Reward: 2 gems

I Hate Spiders: Defeat 25 Regular Spiders in the Cave

Reward: 2 gems

Cave Collector: Complete the Spidersilk Collection

Reward: 2 gems

Stoneskin Collector: (Advanced) Complete the Stoneskin Collection

Reward: 2 gems


Templar Robe Collection: dropped by the boss in advanced mode. (Limited)Edit

Reward: Templar Robe (+5 health, +10% to hit with Magic attacks, +20% to escape effects)

  • Templar's Litany (Unlocks at level 20)
  • Cardinal Cashmere (Unlocks at level 20)
  • Jade Fastener (Unlocks at level 20)
  • Anoited Sash (Unlocks at level 20)

Spider Silk Collection: found in the dungeonEdit

Reward: Spider Silk Pantaloons

  • Spider Silk
  • Venom
  • Muren Rags
  • Whip Belt

Stone Skin: dropped by the boss in advanced modeEdit

Reward: Stone Skin Boots

  • Sheet Granite (Unlocks at level 20)
  • Sandstone Soles (Unlocks at level 20)
  • Crystal Buckles (Unlocks at level 20)
  • Spell of Binding Stone (Unlocks at level 20)

Vampire Bat Collection: dropped by the bossEdit

Reward: Vampire Bat Cloak

  • Batwing Cape
  • Vampire Medallion
  • Carmine Collar
  • Elder Blood Enchantment