Boss: Mummy


  • Health potion (in second crate)
  • 200 coins (in third crate)
  • Power spark (in fifth crate)
  • 60 coins (in sixth crate)
  • Energy potion (in seventh crate)
  • 70 coins (in eighth crate)
  • 200 coins (in eighteenth crate)
  • Flying Fish, 500 coins (at end of path beyond stone)


Summer, Day 78, 12th Year of King Alric

The journey has begun. There are five of us: Aron, the
sorcerer, Adrastea the ranger, Philas the assassin,
Nikolai, the warrior and me, the templar. The sages
warned us that only as a team will we be strong
enough to defeat Maziren.


Autumn, Day 18, 12th year of King Alric

Aron plans to hide the great hammer –the one that
was carried by Nikolai and dealt Maziren the blow that
weakened him. Aron says that no one should ever
again be so arrogant as to think that they can defeat the
evil one.


Other TextEdit

You: This boulder is in the way... maybe I can find something for
leverage nearby...

You: Oh Snap, I broke the scepter. I guess this is my only way out.

Without Chaos Hammer:
You: I sense a strange, evil power in this stone that can not be
broken with the weapons in my possession.

You: I'm trapped!
Mummy: Thoxtiloq Umbuc!
You: A mummy! Seriously?


Crocodile Hunter: Defeat 50 Crocodiles in the Jungle

Reward: 2 gems

Looter: Open all 18 crates in the Jungle in a single playthrough

Reward: 2 gems

Ninja: Complete the Jungle without taking damage from a single trap

Reward: 6 gems

Jungle Runner: Complete the Jungle in less than 5 days

Reward: 3 gems

Exterminator: (Advanced) Kill 9 Plague Rats in a single playthrough of the Jungle

Reward: 2 gems

Los Muertos Collector: (Advanced) Complete the Los Muertos Collection

Reward: 2 gems


Contagion: found in the dungeonEdit

Reward: Plague Sword

  • Bone Blade
  • Dragon Saliva
  • Petrified Toad
  • Contained Contagion

Crocodile: dropped by the bossEdit

Reward: Crocodile Skin Pants

  • Crocodile Teeth
  • Crocodile Hide
  • Quipu Thread
  • Embalming Oil

Los Muertos: dropped by the boss in advanced modeEdit

Reward: Skull Helm

  • Sacrificial Flame
  • Skull of the Forsaken
  • Quetzal Feathers
  • Mummified Heart