Optional side area



  • 100 coins (under rock)
  • Karma spark (in chest)
  • Health potion (against wall)
  • 100 coins (against wall)
  • 100 coins (behind building)
  • Power spark (behind farther building)
  • Collection item (at end)


Summer, Day 81, 12th Year of King Alric

Today was our first real test. We were beset upon by
a band of rat-creatures. Nikolai called them ‘Muren’
and he says they are only the vanguard of Maziren’s
army. Maziren has opened a portal to our world and if
he’s given the opportunity to open it wider, he’ll be
able to unleash even greater terrors on our world!

Other TextEdit

Without Lost Key:
You: The chest is locked. I'll need a key to get it open.


Bird Lover: Defeat the Lost Village without killing a single Accipter

Reward: 2 gems

Cross Collector: Complete the Cross Collection

Reward: 2 gems


Silver Cross Collection: found in the dungeonEdit

Reward: Silver Cross Gloves

  • Silver Upright
  • Silver Crossbeam
  • Bloodstone
  • Sacred Oil