The Hermit house is hidden to right through some trees after the avalanche, his treasure is a Stallion, Lv 5 speed spirit.


Boss: Aron


  • Dragonfly (in 1st crate)
  • 200 coins (in 2nd crate)
  • Clarity (in 3rd crate)
  • Health potion (in 4th crate)
  • 100 coins (in skeleton)
  • Firefly, health potion (in chest)
  • Health potion (in 5th crate)
  • Health potion (in 6th crate)
  • Health potion (in 7th crate)
  • Collection item, Swift (in 8th crate)
  • Health potion (in 9th crate)
  • 150 coins (in crate revealed by avalanche)
  • 500 coins (in last square revealed by avalanche)
  • 2 health potions (in hermit's crate)
  • Stallion (in hermit's chest)
  • Energy potion (in 10th crate)
  • 50 coins (in 11th crate)
  • Health potion, collection item (in 12th crate)


Summer, Day 85, 12th Year of King Alric

I am convinced that no one can fire a bow better than

our ranger, Adrastea. Her accuracy is unerring and

her resolve is no different; in difficult situations she

always urges us on. Not only that but she is also an

accomplished alchemist and an expert with minerals

and herbs. I sometimes wonder if I am half as valuable

to the team as she is.


Summer, Day 86, 12th Year of King Alric

Philas is an assassin and frankly, I'm glad he's
fighting on our side and not against us. In combat, he
is merciless and assassinates enemies with brutal
efficiency. He dresses in black and uses his
appearance to intimidate the enemy.

Scroll: Summer, Day 87, 12th Year of King Alric

Nikolai is a warrior and the backbone of our group. He
is our oldest member and his years of experience are
invaluable. I have seen him take hits that would have
killed a lesser man, yet nothing seems capable of even
slowing him down. He carries a sacred hammer that
legend says was used by the hero Moqulan to defeat
Maziren the last time he threatened our world, one
thousand years ago.

Other TextEdit

You: Aron's footprints are leading up this path. It looks like
there's a lot of Muren prints as well...

Hermit: Yeagh! My secret! You can’t have my secret!

Hermit: Aarrgh! My precious sauce! It’s all mine!
You: This guy is getting to be a real pain.

You: I set off an avalanche down this hillside! I wonder if the
route back down is blocked now?

Aron: <name>, for the last time, go home!
You: Lucia told me everything. Give me the Chaos Hammer.
Aron: Lucia is a fool! There's so much she doesn't know...
You: Aron, you don't look so good. Please, give it up... while you
still can.
Aron: Yes, the burden is heavy but soon it will all be over.. Then the
torture will be over... for everyone.
You: Aron no! Please, give me the hammer.
Aron: You should have stopped at the jungle, <name>. Now my
lord demands I put an end to this chase once and for all!

Aron: Uhhh, <name>, thank you. Thank you for freeing me... from
You: Aron, hold on! Lucia will be here soon. She can heal you.
Aron: Tell Lucia I'm sorry... for everything.
You: Aron!

Lucia: Aron no! I'm too late!
You: He's gone. I killed him...
Lucia: No, it wasn't your fault. It was Maziren. If we don't defeat
him once and for all, this will never end.
You: Then how do we defeat him?
Lucia: The Chaos Hammer can be used to weaken him, but...
You: But what?
Lucia: Maziren’s castle is beyond the Dark Woods. The only way to
navigate the woods is with the Chaos Compass.
You: And where can we get that?
Lucia: Aron had it, but he probably destroyed it long ago.
You: Wait... it's not that round gold thing that looks like a clock,
is it?
Lucia: You've seen it?
You: Aron kept it hidden under his bed! He thought I didn't know
it was there.
Lucia: Then there's no time to lose! Take this shortcut to the
Homestead and get the compass. I'll warn the King that the
armies of Maziren will be attacking soon! We'll meet back at
the edge of the Dark Woods.


Hunt the Hunter: Defeat 200 Muren Hunters in the Mountain

Reward: 4 gems

King of the Mountain: Defeat the Hermit 4 times in one playthrough

Reward: ? gems

Cold Completionist: Clear every tile on the Mountain

Reward: 2 gems

Mountain Runner: Complete the Mountain in less than 4 days

Reward: 4 gems

One on One: (Advanced) Defeat Aron without any help

Reward: 6 gems

Star Gazer Collector: (Advanced) Complete the Stargazer Collection

Reward: 2 gems


Inferno Axe Collection: dropped by the boss (Limited)Edit

Reward: Inferno Axe

  • Axe Head
  • Ember Spirit
  • Inferno Scroll
  • Mantle Gold

Falcon Eye Collection: found in the dungeonEdit

Reward: Falcon Eye Gloves

  • Raptor's Cry
  • Eagle Chain
  • Claw Hasp
  • Eyestone

Frostbite Collection: dropped by the bossEdit

Reward: Frost Bow

  • Fossil Rib
  • Ice Spider Silk
  • Icicles
  • Spell of Permafrost

Stargazer Collection: dropped by the boss in advanced modeEdit

Reward: Astral Crown

  • Ethereal Amplifier (Unlock at Lvl 35)
  • Fallen Star (Unlock at Lvl 35)
  • Spatial Focus (Unlock at Lvl 35)
  • Gold Crown (Unlock at Lvl 35)