"Test your mettle against other players! Fight for your honor!"

The arena is a PvP area where players battle others in three categories: unranked, honorable, and legendary. With every consecutive win the player comes closer to achieving the higher rank, and earning the bonuses that come with each.

Spirits are used in the Arena to give players advantages.


"Help your friends fight their bosses!"


"Try your luck here to get exclusive and powerful prizes!"

For 9 gems a spin, your goal is to win all 7 prizes on the wheel in order to get an item locked inside a chest.

7 prizes on the wheel:

  • Energy potion x4
  • Ember (spirit)
  • Paragon Staff (dmg 5, 80% hit)
  • Paragon Helm (+1 damage to Hand attacks, +2 health)
  • Courage potion x4
  • Magnanimity (spirit)
  • Flying Fish (spirit)

In chest:

  • Paragon Plate (+5 to health, +3 to all armor)


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